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Carole Akkari,
The founder of CConcept.

Her work is rooted in the continuous examination of how to better anticipate contemporary lifestyle needs, as well as how to design interiors that are not only reflective of those who occupy them but are also inspired by the natural world, from the smallest detail to the space in its entirety.

Her career as an interior architect and university instructor has produced designs marked by the amalgamation of aesthetics, techniques, and technologies from diverse disciplines, spaces, and cultures. With every project, she draws from various design philosophies, incorporating insights from the fine arts, fashion design, lighting design, and scenography.

By having nature as a source of inspiration, light as a guiding force, and scenography as a lifelong passion, Carole understands the importance of examining and re-envisioning the role nature plays in our lives, enhancing one’s relationship to the physical space, and integrating practicality and purpose into each design.


International Property Award / Award Winner 2023-2024
Best Public Service Interior Lebanon
Nominee Public Service Interior Arabia
Dr Costi House Of Beauty By CCONCEPT